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Someone here did their research! The Catchy Opening Theme This show is not depressing in the least, even though divorce is often a difficult subject to address; humor and irony run through practically every scene in the drama. To be sure, there are a few moments in which I teared up, but overall this is a positive and beautiful story.

I never once nodded off while watching Alone In Love, and I often laughed out loud at the dialogue and the situations this couple and their friends and family faced. I loved watching every single character in this show and found it hard to let them go at the end. The soundtrack was also bubbly, and romantic themes were well utilized, especially the high stringed guitar love theme; the music never overwhelmed any scene, but flowed seamlessly as the best soundtracks should always do.

They meet frequently in familiar places that had meaning to them as a couple, like the local Dunkin Donuts for coffee time at lunch break, and they still talk on the phone every day. It is revealed later why Eun-ho seems obsessed over calling this show a lot: There comes a time, however, that it becomes clear that she has never really fooled her father. Eun-ho tries to set him up with a divorced, attractive woman who visits the pool where she works, named Mi-yeon Kim Yoon-ah Oh , who happens to have a six year old daughter named Eun-sol superb little actress Ji-hee Jin, from the movie Hansel and Gretel.

The woman is so taken with Dong-jin and his gentle personality that she moves herself and her child to an apartment complex opposite his, but for some reason, even though Dong-jin finds her physically attractive he flinches from being around her too much, though he does seem to bond with her lonely little girl, who asks him point blank if he will be her next daddy.

Dong-jin, in turn, tries to set Eun-ho up with a younger man who worked at the wedding facility the day they got married and who had been captivated by her beauty, named Hyun-joong Min cutie-pie actor Jin-wook Lee -- I can easily see why Ji Woo Choi dated him for two years - he seems just her type! However, even though Eun-ho considers Hyun-joong attractive too, she brushes him off when he attempts to get closer to her emotionally, or attempts to kiss her. Eun-ho calls her estranged father Ki-young while he does his radio broadcasts and asks for relationship advice Whenever friends or family try to figure out why Dong-jin and Eun-ho really got divorced, since they seemed so perfect for one another, the pair never answer the questions specifically, simply saying they grew apart.

Jun-pyo and Ji-ho often team up to try and get them back together but each time their arrows miss their marks. Dong-jin and Eun-ho remain in emotional limbo, unable to move on with other people. The series slowly gives us flashbacks to show how this couple first met, grew close, got married, and more flashbacks explain what went wrong in their marriage and how they felt about it.

Marriage should be about love, not pain. Each year Dong-jin repeats the same mantra at the grave: Eventually Dong-jin finds someone he is intrigued by to get serious with, a pretty woman named Yoo-kyung Jung Jung-hee Moon , who had been his first love in middle school when he was a child; he meets her at a school reunion and asks her out.

As his relationship with her grows, Eun-ho seems accepting on the outside, but inside she is dying. Dong-jin rather hastily marries Yoo-kyung, and Eun-ho even sings at their wedding!

Her younger sister is distraught at how events turned out, and afterward she sends a note to Dong-jin implying that Eun-ho is going to Chuncheon to commit suicide. He races out of his bookshop and rushes to the train and throws his arms around Eun-ho. Eun-ho replies she has no intention to do that, she was only going on a brief vacation trip.

The whole set-up had been achieved by her meddling younger sister. Meanwhile, there is one stop on the train route where Dong-jin can get off and go back to his waiting wife. Will he do so, or will he stay on the train and re-commit to Eun-ho, whom he has really never stopped loving, despite everything.

This is the kind of K-drama I can watch over and over again, since it is so true to life. Everyone has flaws in the story but you still like them. I really loved it. I would suggest that Netflix DVD rentals if still available or purchasing the official DVD box set are your best options to enjoy this great show.

The kdrama world woke up this past week to two huge dating news. That of Park Shin Hye and Suzy. The beloved actresses are some of the most popular faces of Korean dramas, they’re the representative faces of Hallyu wave and fans from all around the world were thrilled to find out they were dating. Tags: Dating Alone drama kdrama romance drama mystery drama online free. View more video; Show all epiosdes. RAW Dating Alone Episode 12 ; RAW Dating Alone Episode 11 ; RAW Dating Alone Episode 10 ; RAW Dating Alone Episode 9.

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