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He is a year-old raccoon and made his debut in the original Pilot episode working as a groundskeeper at the park. He is voiced by William Salyers. Contents [ show ] Appearance Rigby is a short, anthropomorphic raccoon with short, spiky hair. He has dark brown circles around his eyes which is apparently a facial mask, like a normal raccoon would usually have.

His body and hair are brown with small, darker brown lines to show the thickness of the fur. The underside of his snout, chest, and stomach, are grey.

He also has a long tail with six dark brown stripes on it, just like his brother, Don. He also has three pointed toes on both of his feet. Rigby once played "Punchies" with Skips and lost like he always does when playing Punchies , which resulted in a damaged butt cheek that required surgery. The result was that it looked like Rigby only had one butt cheek, instead of two. And as a result, his friends call him "The One Cheek Wonder". In the episode " Don ", it was shown that when Rigby was 6 years old he had a single front tooth that stuck out of his mouth.

When Rigby was 12, he had dark brown hair and tiny hairs on his upper lip, as seen in a flashback in " Lunch Break ". In " Rigby in the Sky With Burrito ", high school Rigby was seen with his blonde hair under a black and white cap, and wore a teal t shirt with a white-beaded necklace. Do you have any secrets? He becomes frustrated, frightened, confused or sad very easily, making his behavior very predictable. Rigby is also very arrogant, impulsive, impatient and immature at times, giving him the personality of a child.

Thus, he can be considered the opposite of Mordecai, who demonstrates far more responsibility and maturity than him in most conditions. He even changed his name to Trash Boat one time because he thought it would sound cool and edgy.

However, Rigby cares about his friends, as he tried to help Pops with his fear of giving speeches, saved Muscle Man from drowning, saved everyone from a pack of evil hot dogs, and got angry at Pops when he was taking wrestling too far and hurting Mordecai. He also felt bad for Benson after he said he was going to lose his job.

Due to his somewhat immature nature, Rigby is prone to overly dramatic reactions to the simplest of events. Often, these reactions are characterized by his "Shark Face" expression, in which he raises both arms above his head, and turns his nose upwards, causing his eyes to appear to move to either side of his head, somewhat resembling a shark; and his signature "STOP TALKING!!! Rigby never finished high school, as revealed in " More Smarter ", though he resorted to working hard at earning his diploma in " The Eileen Plan ".

These efforts usually resulted in bigger problems than the ones Rigby was trying to avoid in the first place, along with the occasional near-destruction of the entire park. Abilities Rigby appears to be very fast, acrobatic, sneaky and lazy.

He is a lot faster than Mordecai, because he can run on all fours when in a hurry. He is, although, good at Rock, Paper, Scissors as he beats Mordecai almost every time at it. He later manages to get revenge on everyone except Mordecai and also some random bystanders by mastering "The Death Punch" from the art of Death Kwon Do.

Rigby also demonstrated quick-thinking in that episode, by spraying the hot dogs with yellow mustard after he realized that the evil hot dogs enjoyed the taste. Rock, Paper, Scissors Master - Rigby is extremely adept at this game. Enhanced Speed - Being a raccoon, Rigby is most likely the fastest of the group, seeing as how he can outrun others. He has used his speed in various situations, such as retrieving The Cover to The Book of Park Records and momentarily escaping from the jaws of Snowballs in " Appreciation Day ".

Light Sleeper - In many episodes, Rigby is shown to be a light sleeper. Mordecai was deep asleep while Rigby was awoken at night in " Really Real Wrestling ". This could be due to the fact that Rigby is nocturnal like all raccoons. It seems to work for him. In fact, in the episode " Exit 9B ", Rigby yells "Hamboning! They also even tried to teach Pops how to rap to go against the CrewCrew to prepare him for the rap battle. Smooth Talker - Rigby seems to have to ability swoon ladies while using very good pickups.

This was mostly shown in " Skips in the Saddle ". Skilled Liar - Mordecai proves to be a better liar than him many times, but he is still a good liar. Stealing - As shown in a few episodes, he steals things, such as The Power. This skill is quite ironic as shown in a previous episode he was really bad at basketball.

He shows a great deal of enthusiasm when it comes to his visual ideas. Video Game Trivia - Despite his weak skills at many video games, Rigby knows a great deal about them, and was proclaimed an "Expert" on video games after correctly answering 10 questions about them in " Expert or Liar. Geology - Rigby has an exceptional knowledge of rocks being able to light up an entire cave by finding Quartz and other rocks he found in the dark.

Novice Fighter - Rigby is shown to be able to fight in some episodes when enraged. Also, Rigby shows symptoms of claustrophobia in the episode "Stuck in an Elevator". Rigby is fond of donuts, potato chips, ice cream, pizza, soda, pies, cheeseburgers, chocolate cake, meatball subs, corn dogs, hot dogs and bacon.

Lack of Strength - Rigby is a very bad at arm wrestling and Punchies. Even Pops can beat him at Punchies. Once he even tried to arm wrestle with Skips while secretly cheating , and Skips accidentally killed him. And in " th Chopper Flight Party " when he punched Mordecai and he actually expressed pain from it.

He has also carried people who are heavier than him, like Muscle Man and Mordecai. Bad Video Gamer - Rigby has only ever won at video gaming in a few episodes. This happens again in " Bet to Be Blonde " when the loser of a video game had to face having blond hair for a week. In " Temp Check ", he possibly has the same skill level as Doug as they both defeated each other in a fighting game.

This has also led to a problem once in " Video Game Wizards " when Rigby keeps continuously pestering Mordecai about entering him instead of Skips. In spite of these, he seems to have beaten Mordecai in a game once in " Jinx " though it is most likely because of luck than skill. Egg Allergy - Rigby is extremely allergic to eggs, as seen in " Eggscellent ," where Rigby consumed so many eggs that he actually went into a coma because of it.

Although this may because he ate so many eggs in "Eggscellent," or these eggs came from a certain bird in particular. Or the eggs might have been infected and no one knew. Fear - Rigby gets frightened much more easily than Mordecai, particularly during horror movies. Laziness - Rigby and Mordecai both have a tendency of slacking off from work, thus causing Benson to yell at them to stop slacking off. This is seen in almost every episode, especially " Think Positive. Gift Giving - Rigby is known for giving terrible gifts.

In Birthday Gift it shows that whenever he gets a birthday gift he usually just get them for himself. Bad Luck - Throughout many episodes Rigby has demonstrated that he has the worst luck out of all the park workers. They are constantly getting into trouble together.

However, they have been known to fight once in a while ex. They slack off until they see Benson or Skips coming, but tend to do work together to prove that they are hard working ex. The duo also have lots in common such as snacking on food like chocolate cake and chips, playing video games, and bowling ex.

They both refer to each other as "dude", and, though slightly less commonly, "bro" and share the same catchphrases, "hmm-hmm" and "ohhhh", although they do stop saying these when they get older, as seen in the finale. Like how Mordecai teases Rigby about Eileen having a crush on him, he sometimes teases Mordecai about his crush on Margaret. Sometimes he will get punched by Mordecai if he does something wrong or stupid, like trying to make Mordecai look like a fool. However, Mordecai can be guilty of causing hardship for Rigby due to his egotistical ways, even though Rigby can bring it upon himself.

Rigby can be egocentric towards Mordecai; in " The Unicorns Have Got to Go ", he betrayed Mordecai when he ganged up with the unicorns. In " Meat Your Maker ", he got himself and Mordecai trapped in the meat locker and broke the thermostat. The temperature below 0 degrees Celsius would then cause Mordecai to pass out. In some episodes, it shows that Rigby really cares about Mordecai.

In " Meat Your Maker ", when Rigby broke the thermostat in the meat locker, Mordecai passed out and Rigby thought that he "died" and he sounded like he was about to cry over his "death. Rigby, expressing a deep sense of worry for his best friend, hastily defeated the gigantic video game monster. In The Christmas Special , when Mordecai fell into the lava pit with Quillgin , Rigby quickly followed in the lava pit to save Mordecai, only to be saved by a two person hovercraft.

In Birthday Gift he felt terrible and guilty after realizing he never gave Mordecai a good birthday gift and tries to get him a better gift. When Mordecai found out what he did, he angrily ended his friendship with Rigby which devastated him deeply to the point he wanted to kill himself. However during the climax of the movie, Rigby apogolized to Mordecai and revealed the main reason why he forged the letter. He was afraid he was going to lose him. Mordecai accepted his apology since he admitted his own mistakes and repaired his friendship with Rigby.

Pops Pops is very fond of Rigby, although both Mordecai and Rigby consider Pops to be an oddball, usually taking advantage of him via his naive and gentle nature. However, they do have respect for Pops, as they helped him get over his fear of giving speeches, as shown in " Dizzy ". He once got angry at Pops in the episode " Really Real Wrestling ", because Pops wrestled Mordecai for real and was hurting him, but his anger did not last very long.

Skips Rigby appears to have great respect for Skips, because Skips fixes most of their problems, as explained in " Free Cake. However, he did help Mordecai make a special card for Skips in " Skips vs. Rigby does in fact disobey Skips and uncover his ears releasing more stress-demons , but it is only because Skips had forgotten the ninja-sword he needed to battle his stress.

Benson Rigby, among the duo, is shown more animosity and hate from Benson. In fact, Benson has always either shown hatred toward the duo or Rigby alone, but never toward Mordecai alone.

Rigby seems to have courage in standing up to Benson at times. In " High Score " he told Benson off by refusing to go back to work maybe unless Benson began treating he and Mordecai with more respect.

“Real Date” eschews any real jeopardy with the gifts, instead using the mounting misunderstandings as an opportunity to show why Mordecai and C.J.—and, perhaps even more so, . Cartoons Regular Show. Follow/Fav Rigby and Eileen - The First Date. By: wregular. Be eager, or be distant? Eileen and Rigby finally have their first real date together, but can the new couple really connect, or will it be one big failure to communicate? Rated: Fiction T - English.

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