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August 2, The Scoop: As singles go on date after date, telling the same stories and making the same jokes, they can start to feel frustrated, burnt out, or just plain bored by the dating scene.

Matchmakers often have to fight against dating burnout, and one matchmaking firm in Texas has come up with some inventive ways to remind singles how fun dating can be. Rose Matchmaking is shaking up the local dating scene by organizing singles events with wacky themes. A couple weeks ago, a man met with matchmaker Jamie Rose of Rose Matchmaking because he was tired of online dating.

Jamie Rose started Rose Matchmaking to shake up the Houston dating scene. She told him that matchmakers take a lot of uncertainty out of dating by providing post-date feedback to clients. Instead of letting singles figure things out on their own, matchmakers provide helpful dating consultations that set single men and women up for success in the modern dating scene.

Rose Matchmaking further distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering its clients the opportunity to meet one another at invite-only events in Houston and Dallas. The casual and engaging atmosphere encourages participants to loosen up and enjoy themselves while in a garden, on a hayride, or at a pillow fight.

They can show off their problem-solving skills during a speed date in an escape room. The events are just pure fun, and singles always come away having had a memorable time. Jamie told us she once heard a woman ask someone what his favorite color is, and she later pulled the woman aside to suggest she ask more stimulating and age-appropriate questions. The matchmakers are now prodding singles to go on more interactive date ideas.

For instance, if both individuals are dog people, they may recommend a date at the dog park. Instead, they can manage their matches and get feedback from their phones! But hopefully they can put their phones away on the actual date. Rose Matchmaking adapts to serve the needs of modern daters. Rose Matchmaking has positioned itself as a stress-free dating solution for Texas singles tired of swiping and ready to meet someone worthwhile.

The ghosting phenomenon in online dating has actually been good news for the matchmaking business because it has made some young, relationship-oriented singles abandon their dating profiles and start a membership with a dating professional. Jamie said she has heard many online dating horror stories from clients — some are simply frustrated with breadcrumbing or catfishing, while others have had terrible experiences with unsavory characters.

Rose Matchmaking sees a lot more savvy daters these days as well. These new clients have done their research and understand the difference between matchmaking and online dating. Rose Matchmaking may not be able to publish its success stories, but Jamie and her team celebrate every wedding announcement and baby photo. Looking to the future, Jamie said she hopes to keep the momentum going and plan more dynamic events that get singles to come out of their shells.

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