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Neil always had the passion for writing. He took the craft very seriously and by the time he was studying at Vassar College, he worked for Ear an unconventional magazine , and is on the process of editing the first book he ever penned Radiotext. Always pushing forward, he soon became a copy-editor, proofreader, reporter and critic for the Village Voice.

Strauss gladly accepted the job and soon after, was able to write several successful front page stories for the magazine. Presently, Strauss is the co-founder of the publishing company Igniter. He manages to write while simultaneously running the company. Some of these discussions relate to the topic of "Game", most notably with Lady Gaga and Russell Brand. News about his marriage and the name of his bride to be. Neil once said in an interview "Date someone for a year, live with them for a year, then get engaged for a year before getting married.

To me that seems sensible. In April Neil published an article in Maxim confessing that he had cheated on Ingrid De La O and turned himself into a sex addiction clinic for a 4 week program. The article also revealed the name of his upcoming book to be published in October on relationships named "The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships".

Neil and Ingrid had their first baby born in early Pickup Artist Career In Neil found the pick up artist community and began to invest time in studying the arts and advice they had about women.

As a second line of protection of his identity he also took on the personal name "Chris Powles" which he gave to people he knew better. No one in the pick up artist community would know his real name or about his writing career until later in He gradually rose in status within the pick up artist community as one of the better pick up artists.

At this point, Neil decided he should make the choice to reveal his own identity within the pick up artist community rather than have another journalist reveal it. He authored an article about his experiences in the dating industry under his real name and published it on the New York Times.

In , Style published a biographical account with some storytelling element incorporated on his experiences within the community of pick up artists. The book was entitled The Game: Released through Regan books in the United States, it literally jumped over many existing products at the time, landing on the 1 spot on Amazon. The success of the book has been so great that it is now being made into a film by Spyglass Entertainment.

Neil Strauss says himself in the book that he is physically unattractive being short, bald and skinny. So, if he can learn to be good with women, so can any other man. The coaching however, was already done by his team of dating coaches most of which were also some of his first students after he published The Game. Neil continues to work with Stylelife Academy behind the scenes, while he publicly stays more out of the limelight where it came to pickup artistry.

This continued until his sequel to "The Game", a book on relationships. Neil announced his new book on relationships named "The Truth" publicly in a Maxim article in April While he was learning to meet and attract women and single he dated and slept with an average of 5 new women each month. In his autobiographical "The Game" he says that he took the numbers of celebrities Brittany Spears and Dalene Kurtis but took it no further.

Since he has settled down into monogamous long term relationships with women. One of these was a celebrity and the others all seem to have been longer term over 1 year stable girlfriend relationships. He experienced and experimented with a wide range of relationships over this time. This included many threesome experiences and having multiple girlfriends and sleeping partners. Some of these experiences, he gives honest accounts of in " The Game ". Girls and Girlfriends Neil Strauss has Been Involved With Former and current girlfriends that became public knowledge have been very attractive including: Jackie Dawn a psychology student who once also dated Mystery.

A blonde girl who appeared in a series of videos Strauss put on YouTube in entitled "Nose Rape episodes" with the handle Noodlegangsta. She appeared with him in March at speeches and PR activities for his book "Emergency". Ghita has previously been the girlfriend of another dating coach, Stephane Hemon.

In mid they split. Ingrid Delao, a 26 year old blonde of Mexican ethnicity living in Los Angeles since early Neil met her in West Hollywood at at the Chateau Marmont hotel. They married on 31st August in Malibu. Jackie Dawn - girlfriend of Neil Strauss. Jackie Dawn - x-girlfriend and her friends with Neil Strauss. Jackie Dawn - x-girlfriend of Neil Strauss in club. Lisa Leveridge - girlfriend of Neil Strauss. Nose rape videos girl - girlfriend of Neil Strauss. Ghita Jones in March - girlfriend of Neil Strauss.

Ghita Jones girlfriend of Neil Strauss with goats. Ingrid Delao girlfriend of Neil Strauss in Although there was no strict or robust methodology used to establish the ranking it was based on the opinion of an observer "Thundercat" many other dating gurus voiced that this was appropriate at the time or at least did not voice against it.

Notable Media Appearances Neil Strauss made most of his media appearances related to his dating advice career immediately after the release of "The Game" and its sequel "The Rules of the Game" between and

Neil Strauss & The Game book changed the dating world. The Rules of The Game changed the art of seduction. The Stylelife Academy Changes Your Dating Life. Neil Strauss December 11, Neil 6 Comments Dear Neil and my Inner Circle brethren, I recently wrote this article on online dating to help me chronicle and and troubleshoot my experience.

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